Welcome!  GridIron was founded in 2007 to tame “big data” access problems.  Business-critical applications require predictable and fast access to large, growing datasets i.e., big data.

Structured big data environments such as multi-terabyte Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, exhibit high data intensity as evidenced by high concurrent access rates, rapidly changing data and data use models.  Today’s storage infrastructure is overwhelmed by the access demands of these data-intensive environments.  GridIron Systems provides a non-disruptive, transparent performance tier for big data access that insulates applications from the vagaries of the underlying storage infrastructure, and delivers top-notch application performance and scalability.

In this blog, we write about topics of interest to IT professionals and executives who are wrestling with issues such as missed SLAs and ballooning infrastructure costs resulting from rapid data growth.  We explore different perspectives about relevant IT topics and take an informative look at various options for addressing data access problems.

You can contact us about this blog at: gridironblog [at] gridironsystems.com

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