Warp Speed Big Data – 1 Million IOPS using MLC

For anyone who ever doubted that MLC could deliver high performance – welcome to a new frontier! Here at GridIron, we have boldly gone where no company has gone before by being the first company to use MLC to drive one million IOPS. This is good news for us, obviously, but it is also good news for all those IT folks out there who are struggling to balance the performance challenges of Big Data and databases with efficiency and cost savings.

When we look at simple economics, it is clear that MLC, not SLC or eMLC, is the direction in which high volume Flash technology is headed. Already we see the falling price of MLC bringing it into alignment with the price of hard disk. That’s why we here at GridIron think it makes perfect sense to boldly direct engineering resources to developing Big Data solutions that incorporate MLC.

To ensure we are not delusional, we invited some independent third parties in to take a look at what we have accomplished. They have helped us confirm that we have indeed made MLC history. You’ll hear more about the specifics in upcoming posts.

We have repeatedly verified that we can run systems with production database loads at one MILLION IOPS (LOVE that number). Users can expect server consolidation of at least 10:1 and reduce power consumption by a staggering 60%. We are excited about what this performance breakthrough means for MLC technology and for the value it will bring to Big Data.

Warp speed for Big Data is here!

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